Ultimate One-a-day

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AYA Ultimate One A Day is a complete solution to boost the performance of the mind and body. A potent powerhouse packed with vital vitamins and minerals, this flagship product was designed by scientists to meet the complex daily demands of modern life and the human body. This is the perfect supplement for those who want a quick and effective way of meeting their vitamin needs with minimum fuss.

This supplement provides 17 vitamins and 12 minerals in a patented time-release formula, releasing the nutrition over six hours. The list includes B vitamins including B12, folic acid, vitamin C, iron and magnesium, which are helpful in preventing fatigue. It also contains lysine which helps prevent cold sores, calcium for bone health, and more helpful ingredients.

  • High Potency comprehensive formula
  • Contains nutrients that contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Patented timed-release tablet releases nutrients over 6 hours
  • Provides 17 vitamins & vitamin-like substances in addition to 12 minerals
  • Contains amino acid chelated minerals to maximise absorption
  • Provides a gentle form of iron less likely to cause constipation or digestive discomfort
  • Vegan, dairy free & gluten free