Join the rapidly expanding Salin Plus community of over 100,000 families globally, who are breathing and sleeping better with their in home salt therapy device. This life changing, international award winning device, has been delivering immediate and long term results for nearly 20 years.


1. ANTI-BACTERIAL: Cleanses upper and lower airways and the middle ear canal, strengthening the immune system and reducing infection.

2. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Reduces swelling, opening up airway, making it easier to breathe.

3. DECONGESTANT: Clears mucus from upper and lower airways including sinus passages, making it easier to breathe and reducing likelihood of infection, as bacteria build up can occur with mucus build up.

4. ANTIHISTAMINE: The inhaled salt helps to reduce the bodies response to irritants, helping to make users less allergic to pollutants such as dust, pollen and pet dander.

Features and Benefits

- Helps to reduce frequency and severity of infection

- Reduce respiratory/allergy medication

- 100% natural and safe to use

- Improves quality of life

- Purifies the air

- Cleanses the airways

- Convenient to use

- Compact, energy efficient & quiet

How does Salin Plus aid sleep ?

Salin Plus helps to clear mucous from the airways thus widening the airways. Users also report less night time waking, coughing, snoring and generally wake feeling more refreshed.

What does Salin Plus help with
Salin Plus is the world's first, 100% natural dry salt therapy device designed to help you breathe better and sleep better. This at-home Salt Therapy device relieves symptoms associated with a variety of respiratory conditions.

Asthma; COPD; Cystic Fibrosis; Bronchitis; Sleep Apnea; Allergies/Hayfever; Snoring; Sinusitis; Cold & Flu; Ear Infections; Post Nasal Drip; Pneumonia

Is Salin Plus suitable for young Children ?
Yes! The Salin Plus device is suitable for infants and children of all ages. The general health and hygiene benefits that the Salin Plus device can bring to adults, apply to children and infants too. The Salin Plus emits about 0.1g of natural rock salt over a 24 hour period, of which about 0.1mg is possibly inhaled. According to the FDA, the recommended daily salt allowance is between 1.5g and 2.3g, making the amount inhaled dose very low (about 4%) compared to the recommended daily allowance.

Importantly too, the rock salt in Salin Plus contains no harmful additives and is 100% natural and safe to use. If you have any concerns, we recommend you speak with your Pharmacist or GP.

Is the device recommended for healthy people ?
Yes! Because of its general health and hygiene effects, the Salin Plus device is recommended not only for people suffering from breathing problems, but also for healthy people, as you are less likely to attract an infection if you maintain your well-being, this can be achieved through breathing in purified air every night while you sleep and enjoying the therapeutic effect of the sodium ion. The device affects the flow of secretions of the respiratory passages and strengthens the vibrations of the cilia, allowing the secretions to be removed quickly and respiratory passages to be cleared, bringing an easier and more comfortable breathing pattern. The Salin Plus device frequently helps in clearing the nasal passages, diminishes snoring and ensuring a more relaxed and therapeutic sleep.

How long does it take to notice an improvement ?

All natural therapies take time and perseverance but with Salin Plus the majority of customers have enjoyed noticeable results. It is not a therapy to be used once or only when you are ill; it supports your wellbeing rather than a cure. You should use it intensively in the first month, day by day, and as long as you can. The more exposure, the more benefits you may get, remembering to change the salt filter every 4 months.

How Salin Plus works

The Salin Plus device draws in air from the room through a fan and special micro-crystalline filter and disburses micro crystals of dry sodium chloride (salt), under 5 microns, into the indoor air for inhalation. The salt micro particles are able to penetrate deep into your lungs and clean, humidify, reduce inflammation and widen the airways based on the fact that the natural salt fluidizes the mucous, reduces edema from the mucosa lining the airways, while the anti-bacterial effects of salt help to reduce bacteria in your respiratory system and improve your well-being.

- Air passes through the device

- 98% of airbourne pollutants are removed and salt microparticles are emitted into environment

- Salt particules dissolve the mucus making it easier to expel the mucus from the airways

- Airway is cleared helping the person breath more easily


The device comes with 1 filter already installed.
We recommend you use your device every night all year round and change your filter every 4 months. The effectiveness decreases over time and after 6 months has no therapeutic benefit.

Device costs €159 and replacement filter cost €59.

We at Aherns offer a rental for week/ month if you would like to try it before committing to a purchase. Contact us through email or phone to arrange.