Emergency Hormonal Contraception

We offer women emergency hormonal contraception (commonly known as the morning-after pill) after consultation with one of our pharmacists. The contraception pill is available directly from a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription to those over 17 years of age, subject to meeting certain criteria.

If you think you need emergency contraception, it’s important to act quickly. Emergency contraception is a safe, effective and responsible method of preventing pregnancy when regular contraception has failed or if no contraception was used.

Emergency contraception can be effective up to 5 days (120 hours) after unprotected sex but it is important to take it as soon as possible as the quicker you take it the more effective it works.

Remember, emergency contraception cannot protect against a sexually transmitted infection.

To avail of emergency hormonal contraception, you will need to have a Private consultation with one of our Pharmacists.

You can complete the required medical questions in advance of meeting the Pharmacist in the form below.

Alternatively to arrange an appointment with a Pharmacist, email booking@ahernspharmacy.com, text/ whats app 085-2116381 or call 066-9764110.

If you have a Medical Card the Emergency Contraception Service is available free of charge. For other customers a private fee will apply.