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Teen Revive Tropical Flavour 20 pack

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NEW Teen Revive Tropical Flavour. Simply add the sachet to to 250-300ml of water and enjoy the tropical twist.
As a child continues to grow and their lifestyle becomes increasingly busy, their level of nutrient requirements increases. This is what Teen Revive was created to support and was specially formulated for teenagers aged 13-18 years.
Teen Revive contains a superior blend of high-quality ingredients formulated to fuel and support a teenager’s active and healthy lifestyle. This special formula includes 23 active ingredients to an all-rounded support of each teens heart, brain, bones and their immune system.
Teen Revive was created to deliver multiple benefits in one easy powdered sachet.
Mix contents of sachet with approximately 250-300ml of water and stir to dissolve.
Best taken in the morning.


  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Bones
  • Immune System