Tampax Pearl Compak 18 Regular Applicator Tampons

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It's Pearl tampon gently expands to fit your unique body shape, and its LeakGuard braid helps to stop leaks before they happen.

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons are our No.1 tampon for comfort, protection & discretion. With a discreet, smooth plastic applicator with a rounded tip and an Anti-Slip Grip, Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons give you a comfortable smooth insertion.

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons come in colorful, bold colors and a quiet, wrapper with easy-to-open tabs. No one will ever know you are on your period.

Tampax Compak Pearl Regular tampons are for your lighter to medium flow day. Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow. Change every 4-8 hours. 

Do not flush down the toilet.