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Slumber Time Sleep Mist 100ml

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lumberTime  sleep spray. Unique lavender & moon milk fragrance using DreamScentz sleep enhancing technology to help aid sleep.
• Developed with sleep fragrance experts
• Unique lavender & moon milk fragrance using DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology
• 9/10 parents love the calming fragrance. This 3-step routine creates a more relaxing bedtime for them and their little ones
• Suitable from 6 months & upwards 
Let’s get the zzz’s we crave
This unique lavender & moon milk sleep mist has been created using DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing fragrance technology to help aid sleep. Wrapping cosy bedding in a cloud of sleepy magic it’s the perfect way to complete your little one’s bedtime routine.
The mist can be spritzed on bedding before little ones are snuggled down for a restful night of sweet dreams. And don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Silvia from Merseyside had to say, “My little one was settled & asleep 15 mins after spraying…it’s magic!”
Our sleep mist completes the three-step SlumberTime™ routine. Remember to check out steps one and two.
The DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology
Created using DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology, the SlumberTime™ three-step routine is fragranced with lavender and moon milk and is here to help settle babies and help give them the sleep they need to lean and develop.
Sleep experts at Givaudan carry out ground-breaking research to understand the wellbeing benefits of different fragrances. The master perfumer then uses this research to develop a unique fragrance blend using their DreamScentz™* technology.
The DreamScentz™ fragrance is proven to;
• Help prepare you for a good night's sleep by creating a calm atmosphere
• Help you fall asleep faster
• Helps you to sleep longer
• Helps improve the quality of your sleep
• Help you wake refreshed after your sleep 


Suitable for babies over 6 months of age Suitable for babies over 6 months of age.Mist onto bedding and allow to dry before putting your little one down.