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Slumber Time Calming Massage Lotion 150ml

SlumberTime calming massage lotion. Unique lavender & moon milk fragrance using sleep enhancing technology and the ultimate skin nourishing formula.
• Developed with sleep fragrance experts
• Cream to oil formulation with clinically proven 24-hour moisturisation
• Unique lavender & moon milk fragrance using DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology
• 8/10 of parents agreed this product is perfect for giving a calming massage to help them bond with their little one 
Calming skin & calming mind for a restful night’s sleep
This unique lavender and moon milk massage lotion combines sleep enhancing fragrance technology with nature’s finest ingredients to help aid sleep and moisturise precious skin through the night.
Rich in shea butter, this innovative cream transforms into an oil which melts into delicate skin leaving it feeling hydrated and soothed. Dermatologist and paediatrician approved and clinically proven to provide 24-hour moisturisation, your little one will wake from a restful night with nourished skin from head to toe.
As you gently massage the nourishing lotion on your little one’s skin, the lavender and moon milk fragrance wraps them in a cloud of sleepy magic preparing them for a night of sweet dreams.

The DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology
Created using DreamScentz™* sleep enhancing technology, the SlumberTime™ three-step routine is fragranced with lavender and moon milk and is here to help settle babies and help give them the sleep they need to lean and develop.
Sleep experts at Givaudan carry out ground-breaking research to understand the wellbeing benefits of different fragrances. The master perfumer then uses this research to develop a unique fragrance blend using their DreamScentz™* technology.
The DreamScentz™* fragrance is proven to;
• Help prepare you for a good night's sleep by creating a calm atmosphere
• Help you fall asleep faster
• Helps you to sleep longer
• Helps improve the quality of your sleep
• Help you wake refreshed after your sleep

Suitable for newborns and upwards

 Smooth all over the body and gently massage into your little one’s skin.

 External use only. If irritation occurs, wash with copious amounts of water and stop use. If product gets in eyes, rinse well with water.