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Joint Complex 30 pack

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Experience the freedom of naturally healthy joints. The ten active ingredients in Joint Complex are chosen by our experts to work in harmony and support joint health.

Recommended for:

  • Athletes & sports enthusiasts - Enjoy optimum joint health to help you keep active and perform at your best.
  • People living active lifestyles - Tackle joint pressure in one sachet each day with a unique formulation that helps to support joint health.
  • People who experience joint issues - Don’t let joint issues slow you down. Keep on moving with the support of our hand-selected active ingredients.

Why choose joint complex

Active ingedients - A super supplement with 10 active ingredients, working in harmony to support joint health.

All-in-one solution - Joint complex is a highly effective super supplement that helps support cartilage, bones, connective tissue, and muscle function with an all-in-one solution containing 10 key ingredients including peptan® collagen peptides, msm, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid.

Optimum results - For optimum results, we recommend taking joint complex every day for 3 months, after which you can either continue to take a maintenance dose of 1 sachet every day, or every other day, to help keep you active and moving.