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Medical 50 Face Masks for Kids

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The Hygisun children's disposable face mask type IIR (further names: medical mouth-nose protection, respirator or mouthguard for children) is a medical device with the intention of reducing the transmission of pathogens by droplet infection. These are mainly used for external protection, but correct use can increase self-protection.

The masks are made of three-layer filter material, medical nonwovens and ultrafine fibres.

The flexible and soft ear loops ensure a high wearing comfort as well as a precise fit. They are only available in the packaging unit 50 pieces, either as a boy or girl variant.

In Europe, these are standardized according to EU regulation on protective properties for the wearer.

  • Mouth-nose protection for children according to EU regulation
  • Subject to the strictest quality controls
  • Skin-friendly three-layer filter material, nonwoven, fine fibres and rubber
  • Product colour Blue
  • Packaging unit 50 pieces (packed in 5 bags of 10 masks)
  • High wearing comfort and high accuracy of fit
  • Achieves a filter performance of at least =>98%
  • External protection and limited self-protection in the event of airborne infections
  • One-size-fits-all, suitable for almost all face types
  • Disposable masks
  • Only wearable by the same child
  • Suitable for children