Medicated cream for Fungal infections 30g

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Daktarin 2% Cream is used to treat fungal infections and associated bacterial infections that develop on the skin in places such as your hands, feet, outer ear, trunk and groin and can even be used for the treatment of athletes foot, Dhobie Itch, Intertigo and infected nappy rash

  • 2% Miconozole nitrate
  • Anti-fungal
  • Use along with Daktarin powder
  • Can be used on Hands, Nails, Feet, Outer Ear, Trunk and Groin.
  • The moisturising properties in Daktarin also help to soothe cracked and red skin.

Before application, ensure the affected area is washed and dried. Apply Daktarin Cream 2% directly to the infection and the surrounding area twice daily for up to 10 days or until all signs of infection have disappeared.