Capital Soleil Cell Protect Invisible Water Fluid Spray SPF50+ 200ml

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Vichy Capital Soleil Cell Protect Water Fluid Spray SPF50+ 200ml consists of a sunscreen that, in addition to guaranteeing photoprotection against UV rays, repairs and reinforces the skin's protective barrier. That said, this product has 4-level advanced protection - UVB, UVA, long UVA and antioxidant - to prevent sun damage at skin cell level. This is beneficial as our skin has a limited ability to defend and repair its health capital against UV rays. In this case, whenever we are exposed to the sun, there is an accumulation of damage on the skin’s surface and deep down at cellular level. Therefore, this sunscreen ensures that the skin of the body remains fully protected and repaired, also guaranteeing maximum comfort. Equally important, this formula blends to an invisible and natural finish on all skin tones without leaving it greasy or oily.

How to use

Apply Vichy Capital Soleil Cell Protect Water Fluid Spray SPF50+ 200ml generously by spraying it on the skin of your whole body. Use your hands to spread and blend. Reapply frequently for maximum protection, especially after showering, swimming or towel drying.