Ibuprofen 200mg 24 Tablets

Important Notice: We can only sell one item of this medicine per transaction. Should you have a reason to require more, please email the pharmacy at to arrange a call back from one of our pharmacists during business hours. 

Buplex offers effective pain relief by targeting the source of your pain. Delivering 200mg of Ibuprofen per tablet, Buplex alleviates mild to moderate pain including headaches, migraine, dental pain, menstrual pain and is also effective in the relief of fever.

Buplex acknowledges that everyone feels pain differently, that it is a unique and personal experience and have formulated Buplex to locate and address the source of your pain rapidly and effectively.

Warnings: Buplex tablets should be taken during or after a meal, to reduce the risk of upsetting your stomach. Buplex 200 mg should not be given to children younger than 6 years. If your condition has not improved after 7 days (or has worsened), please contact a doctor. Buplex does not contain lactose and is therefore suitable for patients with lactose intolerance.