Broncho Stop

Junior Dry & Chesty cough 120ml

Important Notice: We can only sell one item of this medicine per transaction. Should you have a reason to require more, please email the pharmacy at to arrange a call back from one of our pharmacists during business hours.

Bronchostop junior syrup 120ml has been specifically designed for children. The cough syrup acts like a balm for their throats helping to create a protective barrier that aids in relieving dry or irritating coughs. Also, Broncostop is made with mainly natural ingredients and it’s also alcohol free.

Bronchostop junior syrup works quickly and reliably to relieve any cough associated with a cold or coughs that are dry and chesty. Bronocostop is not only suitable for use in the day but also during the night, so your child can have a soothing and relaxing sleep. 

  • Alcohol free
  • Works for all types of coughs
  • Creates a protective barrier
  • Soothing effects
  • Suitable for Children aged 1+
  • Marshmallow and honey that has been traditionally used for all types of coughs. 

Warnings and cautions: 

  • Patients with rare hereditary fructose intolerance or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this product as it contains honey.
  • Patients with diabetes: 15 ml Bronchostop Junior contains 0.3 CU (carbohydrate units)
  • The use of Bronchostop Junior is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Children under 3 years of age should consult with a doctor to exclude more serious diseases being present.
  • Use in children under 1 year of age is not recommended
  • If you take other medicines it is advised to take them half hour to one hour before or after intake of Bronchostop junior
  • Please consult a doctor if your symptoms persist or worsen after 5 days, Dyspnoea, fever or purulent sputum occurs during the use of Bronchostop junior.
  • Bronchostop junior contains methyl4-hydroxybenzoate and propyl-4-hydroxybenzoate as preservatives. These may cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).