Alflorex Immune with Vitamin D 30 capsules

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Alflorex® Immune contains the PrecisionBiotics® Bifidobacterium longum PB-VIR™ culture.

This unique culture has been specially formulated with extra strength vitamin D to support the normal functioning of the immune system. 

The PB-VIR™ culture is a naturally occurring and safe bacterial strain, belonging to the Bifidobacterium longum species; these are types of bacteria passed from mother to baby at birth.

It was discovered by PrecisionBiotics and has been the focus of research since 2010.

The key ingredients are the PB-VIR™ culture and vitamin D3. It also contains: Mild Strawberry and Banana Flavourings; Sucralose; Isomalt; Cellulose Microcrystalline; Magnesium Stearate. Please see the outer pack for a full ingredient list.