How Would You Like to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed & Energized try the Reflex Pillow

Dan Ahern

How Would You Like to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed & Energized. Reflex Pillow is a patented medical device designed by a specialist to provide several health benefits along with comfort and support.

WHAT MAKES DIFFERENT? This pillow has been designed to position your spine in its CORRECT ALIGNMENT while you sleep. While your mattress may support your lower spine, your upper spine (neck area) needs even more support as this is the area where most soft tissue and muscle damage occurs, its also the area that is responsible for a lot of issues with your general health.


The key factor to ensuring that the greatest benefit is achieved while you sleep is the position of your head, neck, shoulders and spine.


Reflex Pillow has been SPECIALLY FORMULATED foam means the pillow will maintain its shape while you are lying on it. And, one of the added benefits of this ‘REFLEX FOAM’ is its ability to keep your head cool while you sleep due to its open cell structure. Remember, if your neck is supported properly, your head will also feel very comfortable.

This pillow is rectangular in shape with a flat base but what sets it apart from other pillows are the two head dips (hollows) on the top side which are divided by a RIDGE in the center of the pillow which PREVENTS HEAD ROLL while you sleep. These HEAD DIPS are for those who lie on their sides. The CENTER RIDGE which prevents head roll is very important as it keeps your whole spine in its correct alignment. The front side of the pillow has a SHOULDER SLOT and NECK SUPPORT which is designed to fit your shoulder and surface contact support for your neck.


To create a firm yet comfortable pillow structure which is necessary to support your neck, a specially formulated foam composition called ‘reflex foam’ was engineered. This foam means the pillow will hold its shape, no matter how much pressure is placed on it so it is suitable for all. Remember, if your neck and shoulder are supported properly, your head will also feel very comfortable.

Most people sleep on either their back or on their side. If you are one of these people this pillow offers a perfect sleeping solution which is designed to improve neck support and maximize comfort while you sleep on your back or on your side.

In the development of the reflex pillow we carried out numerous pressure sensitive tests on various pillows and pillow materials to find a material that would have the least impact and least pressure on the head as it lay on the pillow resulting in maximum comfort.

How Can This Pillow Help Me Sleep Better?

This pillow may help you with the following:

Neck / Shoulder Pain -  It helps your cervical spine maintain improved alignment during the whole night which prevents stress and strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, especially the supportive muscles in the upper neck which are under continuous strain during the day

Morning Pain / Teeth grinding - It provides support to your whole spine, as a result, this improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight correctly which helps prevent or reduce stiffness in the morning. Your much less likely to toss and turn during the night because of the stability of the head in the head dip.

Snoring / Insomnia - By maintaining your head in the correct position, your neck and shoulder will also be in the correct position. Reflexpillow tilts your head upwards and positions it in slight extension. In doing so, your airways are unobstructed and open allowing you to breathe normally.

Relieves Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - The unique design of this pillow positions your head thus your air passages in a naturally open position improving oxygen intake,this means your breathing will be normal or less obstructed delivering a more refreshed sleep. 

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