• Flu Vaccine for Children

    We at Aherns have been successfully providing the Children's Flu Vaccination since October and it is available until end of December 2021.

    To arrange an appointment please email for consent form and information pack. 

    Dan provides further details and demonstration of given the Children's Flu vaccine in the following video:

  • Flu Vaccination

    We are delighted to announce we have started our Winter Flu Vaccinations for Adults and Children.

    For your information pack and consent form please email

  • Salin Plus

    Salin Plus Breath Easy with Salt Therapy. A non-invasive salt therapy device for use in your home. Makes it easier to Breathe. Reduces Respiratory Infections. Improves Wellbeing. 

    We at Aherns provide a machine rental service for anyone who would like to try it before committing to the purchase.