Seabond Denture Fixative Uppers 15 seals

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Cleaner, Thin, soft, no-mess seal, easy clean-up make wearing dentures easy and use Seabond.

Wafer thin, with two powerful adhesives - Seabond contains two powerful adhesives - one found naturally in the sea plant help - that won't wash away, to give you day-long comfort and confidence.

No mess, no ooze, no clean-ups - unlike pastes and powders, Seabond cannot ooze out. There's no messy mixing or clean-ups. Seabond seals peel off easily. Seabond is suitable for all types of dentures. Soft fixative seal, no gaps no slipping - Seabond's unique cushioned seal, fits softly and snugly to the exact shape of dentures and gums.

Added breath freshener, stops 'Denture Breath' - Seabond seals contain hundreds of powerful breath-freshening green flecks - activated by moisture - to keep your tasting and odour free.