Sculpted A Story of Aimee's Favourites Christmas Set

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Sculpted by Aimee Connolly A Story Of Aimee’s Favourites contains a Mini Complexion Brush, Mini Beauty Base Pearl, New Cream Luxe Duo & Liquid Lights Blush. Aimee has put together her must-haves into a set to give you a lit-from-within glowing look.

Why you need it:
Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Beauty Base Pearl - All In One Moisturising Primer gives your skin a beautifully radiant glow. Wear alone or under makeup for a complexion that looks instantly perfected. It has a subtle, pearl-pink glow that banishes any dullness or sallowness. It's the perfect final step in your skincare routine, giving you hydration thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. It protects skin and helps prevent premature aging too, thanks to SPF30 UV filters. Peptides help promote skin repair and smooth wrinkles, so your skin improves every time you wear it.

Sculpted by Aimee Cream Luxe Duo Bronze & Highlight has been combined with two cream luxe shades in one for the ultimate on-the-go handbag essential. Easily blend the cream bronzer in Light / Medium onto your skin along with the cream highlighter in Champagne Cream for the perfect sculpted and lit-from-within look.

Sculpted by Aimee Mini Complexion Brush is a multi-tasking buffer for a wide range of products in your makeup bag. It will come in handy when applying foundation, creams or your Liquid Lights.

NEW Sculpted by Aimee Liquid Lights Rosy Glow Blush is a new addition to the Liquid Lights range. Picked by Aimee to give you that seamless rosy, healthy glow, o that your skin never looks dull.

Cruelty free, Paraben free, Vegan

What’s included:

  • Mini Beauty Base Pearl (30ml)
  • Sculpted by Aimee Cream Luxe Duo Bronze & Highlight (7g)
  • Sculpted by Aimee Mini Complexion Brush
  • NEW Liquid Lights Rosy Gold Blush (12ml)