Catrice Cosmetics

Energy Boost Serum 30ml

Sometimes the skin needs a kick start and this is now available in the shape of the new Energy Boost Serum by CATRICE.

  • With a ginger complex, hyaluronic acid and PHA
  • Energy boost for the skin
  • With a pipette for easy dosage
  • Vegan

When the skin looks sallow and tired, the serum brings it back to life thanks to its booster ingredients: a seven percent ginger complex, hyaluronic acid and PHA (polyhydroxy acid) ensure a revitalized, radiant complexion.

Beauty Tip: To additionally pamper and wake up the skin during your face care routine, it is best to gently massage the serum into the skin. A Jade Roller or Gua Sha stone is ideal for stimulating the blood circulation and making the facial massage even more effective. This provides extra glow and a fresh complexion!