All in One Hair Treatment

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Revlon Uniq One All in One Treatment Duo Pack is a perfect gift pack with Revlon classic leave-in hair treatment spray that gives a host of benefits to all hair types packed in 150ml bottle and Uniq One All in One Shampoo in 230ml bottle.

A unique concept in hair care this spray-in treatment provides 10 benefits to all hair types. From shine and also frizz control to colour fade protection and UVA/UVB protection.

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment is a great detangling spray and also enhances styling possibilities and manageability. Perfect for repairing dry and also damaged hair. This exceptional treatment spray also works to prevent split ends.

Revlon Uniq One Conditioning Shampoo 10 Real Benefits:

  • Deep hair damage repair
  • Intense nourishment
  • Straightens hair from roots to ends
  • Incredible shine
  • Silkiness & smoothness
  • Sensational defrizzing and detangling
  • Ultra hydrating
  • Quickly absorbed in only 3 minutes
  • Weightless finish with natural volume
  • Non greasy formula