Premier Pro-Shield

Disposable 3-Ply Medical 50 Face Masks

3-Ply Medical Face Mask - 3 layers of protection: 

  1. Inner soft layer Absorbent non-woven layer
  2. Middle layer - High density filter
  3. Outer blue layer - Anti-bacterial non-woven layer  
  • Nose Clip (flexible metal plate)
  • Elastic cord (fits ear gently)
  • Prevents dust
  • Stops penetrating virus
  • Anti ultraviolet rats
  • Made by FDA Registered manufacturer
  • EN14683 certified
  • Can only be used once and cannot be washed 
  • Absolutely do not touch the front of the mask while wearing it
  • When removing just hold the strap to remove and immediately put in bin with lid
  • Wash your hands/ use sanitiser after removing the mask