Most kids' menus offer no vegetables

Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Deborah Condon -

Less than half of Irish eating establishments include vegetables as part of their children's menus, new research indicates. According to a new report from Safefood, entitled Do you have a kids' menu?, just 42% of establishments listed vegetables on children's menus. This finding was based on a surv... Read more →

Tobacco giant says plain packaging could lead to State compensation

Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Fiach Kelly - Irish Times

Legal opinion commissioned by cigarette producer says James Reilly’s plan could come at ‘high price’ for taxpayer. The world’s largest tobacco company has warned the Government the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes could lead to “an extremely high price&rd... Read more →

Getting help in a heart beat

Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Charlie Taylor - Irish Times

When he was a top rugby player Frankie Sheahan tried to hide his heart condition, now he’s raising awareness. Anyone who has ever played sports competitively knows that feeling when your heart starts beating faster than usual. It’s usually a sign that you’ve got your game on and a... Read more →

Many five-year-olds overweight or obese

Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Aoife Carr - Irish Times

Economic background and amount of ‘screen-time’ linked with poor eating. One in five five-year-olds is either overweight or obese, according to findings from the Growing Up in Ireland longitudinal study published today. The latest findings represent the results of interviews with the f... Read more →

Make stress your best friend

Thursday 21st November 2013 - Liz Kearney - Irish Independent

New studies suggest that we can turn stress into a good thing. Liz Kearney asks some of our top business women how they deal with it If you've always believed that stress is bad for your health, Kelly McGonigal has news for you. In a TED talk that's become an online phenomenon, McGonigal, a health ... Read more →

Medical Card information

Friday 1st November 2013 - HSE - HSE

A Medical Card is a plastic card, about the size of a credit card, issued by the HSE. People who hold a Medical Card are entitled to a range of Health Services free of charge. What Health Services are available Free of Charge if I have a Medical Card? You are entitled to the following services if ... Read more →

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