Obesity ups blood pressure risk in kids

Friday 5th September 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Obese children are almost six times more likely to develop high blood pressure compared to their healthy-weight peers, a new study has shown. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, causes silent damage to the blood vessels and the heart. If left untreated, this damage progresses over time... Read more →

Health insurance figures still falling

Friday 5th September 2014 - Deborah Condon -

The number of people with private health insurance is continuing to fall, new figures from the Health Insurance Authority (HIA) have shown. According to the latest figures, at the end of June 2014, 2,017,000 people held inpatient health insurance plans. This is 11,000 fewer people when compared to ... Read more →

New class of drug targets skin cancer

Friday 5th September 2014 - Dick Ahlstrom - Irish Times

A new kind of DNA-based drug has been used to treat a form of skin cancer. The researchers involved believe it may also prove effective in a more dangerous skin cancer – melanoma. The first human use of the drug, known as DZ13, was conducted at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Aus... Read more →

Breast cancer study to focus on aspirin

Thursday 4th September 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Cancer Society (ICS) has announced the national roll-out of a major clinical study, which aims to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients by looking more closely at the potentially important role of aspirin. Recent research part-funded by the ICS found that women who had been prescribed aspirin... Read more →

Many unaware they have eye disease

Thursday 4th September 2014 - Deborah Condon -

The leading cause of blindness in Irish people over the age of 50 continues to be the eye disease AMD. However many people affected are not even aware they have it The warning comes ahead of AMD Awareness Week 2014, which runs from September 15-21. This year's campaign - 'Begin Your New Chapter' - ... Read more →

The big squeeze: Why so many of us opt for a quick-fix juice cleanse

Thursday 4th September 2014 - Grainne Cunningham - Independent

Can drinking liquidised fruit and veg really boost your vitality? Whether you view an all-liquid diet as the perfect way to purify your body or a marketing myth, juicing is hugely popular, with a growing number of people turning to the quick-fix detox in a glass. There are those who use a three-day... Read more →

'Drastic' action needed to tackle obesity

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 - Deborah Condon -

An estimated 90% of people in Ireland will be obese by 2030 unless drastic action is taken, experts have warned. Currently, two in three adults and one in four children in Ireland are overweight or obese and children are particularly vulnerable to the advertising and marketing campaigns used by var... Read more →

Dr Ciara: Take care and get to the heart of the matter

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 - Dr Ciara Kelly - Independent

Heart failure varies from mild to severe, and is poorly recognised or understood by patients. The heart is probably written about more than any other organ, both in medicine and - as the organ of love - in literature. Interestingly, the heart wasn't always the organ we ascribed love to - in ancient ... Read more →

An apple a day can cut heart disease by 40%, study finds

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 - Irish Times - Irish Times

Daily consumption of fruit can reduce risk of death by third in at-risk individuals. Eating fruit every day can reduce the risk of heart and artery disease by up to 40 per cent, a study has found. Compared with avoiding fruit altogether, daily consumption also cut the overall risk of death by nearl... Read more →

Universal healthcare could take 10 yrs

Wednesday 27th August 2014 - Niall Hunter -

The head of the GP group in the IMO had warned that it could take 10 years for universal healthcare to be fully introduced in Ireland. And Dr Ray Walley says GPs will have to be compensated for any loss of private practice earnings if GP care is to become free at the point of access. Interviewed b... Read more →

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