African leaders to discuss Ebola outbreak

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 - RTE - RTE News

Health ministers from 11 west African nations and experts in disease control are meeting in Ghana's capital to plan "drastic action" to fight the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. The number of deaths attributed to an epidemic of Ebola virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone stood at 467 by Mo... Read more →

Children born after fertility treatment 'more likely to be autistic and schizophrenic'

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Independent - Independent

Scientists with the University of Copenhagen studied 2.4million children over 40-year period. Children born to women with fertility problems have a 33 per cent greater risk of suffering with mental illness, a study has claimed. The research looked at 2.4million children in Denmark between 1969 and ... Read more →

We need to have a talk about the taboo subject of death

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Deirdre Reynolds - Independent

It's always been a taboo subject as nobody wants to discuss death. But now many are... and a lot of them are still in the full of their health. At just 31, Jennifer Muldowney has already planned her funeral. Despite being in perfect health and having youth on her side, the Dublin woman has decided o... Read more →

Reilly rejects calls for more funding for procedure for morbidly obese patients

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Irish Times

Leading endocrinologist wants to be able to resume life-saving gastric bypass operations. Minister for Health James Reilly has rejected calls by a leading obesity expert for a resumption of life-saving gastric bypass operations on dangerously obese public patients. Endocrinologist Prof Donal O&rsq... Read more →

The world's best and worst diets revealed

Monday 30th June 2014 - Kate Quilton - Independent

Kate Quilton travelled the globe to countries with 80pc obesity — and one where a village has found the secret of eternal youth in search of the world's best and worst diets. I’m in hospital to see my dad. He’s sitting up and chatting away like he’s propping up the bar at his... Read more →

This treatment is not a cure for CF, but to see the real change in my own body is a miracle

Monday 30th June 2014 - Orla Tinsley - Independent

I sat on my hospital bed shaking in the knowledge that this was a historic day for people with CF, their families, their friends and their medical workers worldwide. The result of a trial by Vertex Pharmaceuticals for a drug that treats the underlying cause of Cystic Fibrosis was released. I read t... Read more →

Positively beautiful - attitude and lifestyle are key

Monday 30th June 2014 - Joy Orpen - Independent

A few years ago, beauty therapist Laura McLoughlin was diagnosed with a serious degenerative medical condition. Now she uses a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle to keep well and happy. Though she is not yet 30, Laura McLoughlin has just opened her second beauty salon. She also hopes to me... Read more →

20 simple ways to make summer special

Thursday 26th June 2014 - Claire O’Mahony - Independent

We all dream of the perfect summer, but those precious sunny days can pass by in a flash. So this year, follow our brilliant guide to 20 top things to do that will make the season extra-special. It's the ultimate summer bucket list. Make a meadow Everybody needs more flowers in their lives. ... Read more →

Why I became a Colonic Hydrotherapy convert

Thursday 26th June 2014 - Tanya Sweeney - Independent

Glowing skin, a light step, an appetite for healthy foods and and a general feeling of wellbeing post-treatment has made Tanya Sweeney a firm fan of Colonic Hydrotherapy. YOU'RE going to get what done?" shrieks a friend when I mention that my Friday afternoon's plans include a colonic hydrother... Read more →

How a family photograph could help diagnose a rare genetic disorder

Thursday 26th June 2014 - Alice Philipson - Independent

New software allows a computer to scour family snaps for facial features characteristic of conditions such as Down's syndrome. Doctors can now diagnose rare genetic disorders in children using family photographs. Newly developed facial-recognition software allows a computer to scour family snaps fo... Read more →

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